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TWD: La Palette’s Strawberry Tart

This is the kind of tart that I hope to one day try in France. It was my first time baking a tart crust. Ok, I’ll be honest here. I actually used Sherry Yard‘s Sweet Dough (Pate Sucre) recipe. Her pie dough recipe comes out perfectly every time so I’ve been dying to try out her sweet dough recipe. Sorry Dorie, I’ll try your recipe next time!

Making the dough was a challenge. After refrigerating the dough overnight, when I went to shape it, it kept crumbling into little pieces. My guess is that I may have under-kneaded it the day before. I didn’t want to over-knead and end up with bread dough. So I kneaded the dough some more, and chilled it for another night. The next morning the dough behaved and stayed in one piece. I then carefully rolled it out to fit the tart molds. The edges would crumble and I had to patch them all around the brim. After baking and cooling the crust, it was very delicate. I had to be extra careful slicing it with my serrated knife.

Tart crust

I got the strawberries from my local farmer’s market. For the jam I used Trader Joe’s Organic Strawberry preserves.

The tart turned out great! The crust was crisp and not overly sweet. The strawberries were just right. I topped it off with whipped cream. Bon appetit!

La Palette’s Strawberry Tart

La Palette’s Strawberry Tart