Apple Pie – Crumb Crust, Double Crust, Lattice Top, and Tart

Apple Pie with Crumb Crust

This is an Apple Crumb Pie that I baked a while back.  It has crunchy broken up crumbs scattered over the top of the pie. This is the simplest one to make out of the double crusted pies.

Classic Double Crust Apple Pie

Next we have the Classic Double Crust Apple Pie.  This is what you usually think of when you hear the words “apple pie”.  Double crust means simply that – two crusts.  One on the bottom and one on top.

Notice the slashes made in the top crust.  These are to let steam vent as the apples cook underneath.

Double crust apple pies tend to me quite rich with the flavor of the buttery crust.

Lattice Top Apple Pie

Finally we have the Lattice Top Apple Pie.  It has a top crust made from criss-crossing strips of pie dough.  This creates a dramatic effect as neat grid reveals the golden apples underneath.

With the lattice top, I cut a rectangular piece of pie dough into thin strips.  Then I used egg wash as an adhesive as I layered the strips over the top of the pie.

Apple Tart

And finally as a bonus here is an Apple Tart.  The difference between a tart and a pie is that a tart is open faced.  That is, it doesn’t have a second layer covering it.  Apple tarts are to France as apple pies are to the US.

Here I tried to neatly slice the apples and then arrange them in a floral pattern.  The slicing probably took more time than the rest of the assembly of the pie!

In the middle of the pie I tried to make a floral arrangement.  And it’s a little burnt. The moral of the story is that to prevent the top from burning, you should place the dessert in the bottom third of the oven when baking.  I put this tart on the top shelf and this is what happened – a lesson well learned.


One response to “Apple Pie – Crumb Crust, Double Crust, Lattice Top, and Tart

  1. You are unbelievable talented! Those pies look AMAZING!

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